A groundbreaking HIV prevention study to evaluate the many subgroups of Kink/Leather/BDSM and fetish involved people who have never been on PrEP medication (pre-exposure prophylaxis).

Kinky people talk a lot about sex ...
but why don’t we talk more about PrEP?

Kinky and Curious to know more about HIV Prevention? 

PrEP (HIV Pre-exposure Prophylaxis medication) is generally seen as something used by urban gay white men, but there are many others who may not know they are eligible or may feel unrepresented in current promotional programs. 

This first of its kind kink study will focus on a particular intersecting audience; kink-involved people who also have identities that often contribute to feelings of misrepresentation and invisibility - kinky HIV-vulnerable people who also may be women, trans, BIPOC, sex workers, and those who live in rural areas or those who they meet bias by healthcare providers. 

Are You PrEP'ed

What is the PrEP4Kink Study?

PrEP4Kink aims to assess the factors that increase the uptake of PrEP in a novel sexual subculture by testing the impact of an entertainment-education intervention designed to be highly relatable to kink-involved individuals. 

The study will track the study participant's PrEP knowledge and attitudes and measure any change in decisions to take this highly effective medication to prevent HIV.  Taking PrEP is highly customizable.

What participants should know about participating:

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To be eligible for this kink related research study, participants will need to be:

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The PrEP4Kink research project was developed by a team of researchers at TASHRA (,) and is a collaborative study and funded by a research grant with Gilead Sciences. PrEP4Kink is approved by an impartial IRB* committee (adhering to U.S. regulations) to ensure that participant information will be encrypted and protected, and that participants are at no health risk by being involved in this study. Contact the WCG Institutional Review Board at (855) 818-2289 with any additional questions or concerns.


PrEP4Kink is a project created by TASHRA - The Alternative Sexualities Health Research Alliance, who strive to identify the distinct health disparities of those who engage in kink erotic behaviors. TASHRA is a 501c-3 organization working to support the wellbeing of both kink/BDSM/leather and fetish interested people and  train the mental and physical healthcare providers who serve them.  Check out our work at find us on Instagram at @kinkhealth and Twitter @kinkhealth and Fetlife at TASHRA